Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System

EX2400 is a fully automated nucleic acid extraction system. Some features include bench-top size, 24-sample operation, 20-minute extraction process, low cost and the ability to extract viral nucleic acids, cellular RNA & whole blood genomic DNA.

The following associated nucleic acid isolation kits for EX2400 are also available in U.S. and Canada:


♦ RNA Isolation Kit (For Auto-Extraction)

Cat. # : ME-0012

♦ Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) Isolation Kit (Preloaded for Auto-Extraction)

Cat. # : ME-0014

♦ Viral DNA/RNA Isolation Kit (For Auto-Extraction)

Cat. # : ME-0015

♦ Viral DNA/RNA Isolation Kit (Preloaded for Auto-Extraction)

Cat. # : ME-0016

♦ Whole Blood Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

Cat. # : ME-0038