How to avoid infectious diseases while flying for the holidays

As holiday season is approaching, everyone should take precaution to possible exposure to infectious pathogens while flying, including the flu, foodborne diseases and many more. Read the article to find out how to avoid these infectious pathogens. Learn More >> Detecting These Infectious Pathogens with Real-Time PCR Liferiver offers a […]

Detect gastrointestinal pathogens for research with real-time PCR kits

Detect GI Pathogens with Liferiver’s Real-Time PCR Kits Liferiver offers a broad range of real-time PCR/RT-PCR kits for the detection of GI pathogens, including: Campylobacter Norovirus E. coli O157:H7 C. diff Salmonella Shigella And many more >> High-Risk HPV Kits We offer real-time PCR kits for 15 genotypes of high-risk HPV, […]

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[Video] Utah hepatitis A outbreak on the rise

(Video Source: Fox News) The state of Utah has been battling with a hepatitis A outbreak, with 95 cases and over 60 percent of patients requiring hospitalization. Hepatitis A is a preventable, contagious disease that can be spread through fecal matter or contaminated food or drink. It can cause fatigue, […]